About Us

About The Lawton-Ft Sill Graduate school of theology

Lawton Ft. Sill Graduate School of Theology is an affiliate school of the Christian Bible Institute.

The school was established in July 2011 to provide a theology educational opportunity beyond the walls. We offer classes through correspondence and online. Tuition fees are reasonable. Occasional classes are offered on-site in the American real estate building located at 1810 NW Sheridan, Lawton, OK.

For further information, call Dr. Tonia Renee Lee at (580) 510-8097. We look forward to assisting you to achieve your goals.

The Lawton-Ft Sill Graduate school of theology has many degrees and diploma options.

Program Offering includes:

  • Associate
  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • Doctoral
  • Ph.D
  • Continuing Education
  • Life Experience Credits
  • Messianic Specialization
  • Learning at sea

Dr. Tonia Renee Lee serves as the President and a Professor
Dr. Claudine Brunt lee serves as President Emeritus
1st Sergeant (retired) Ernest Lee, Emeritus Co-Founder
Mr. Jon Bundy serves as an enrollment advisor, counselor, and bursar.